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Technology is here to help us

Advanson is young company searching for ways in which modern technology can help, more than it disturb us.
We specialize in developing simple and inexpensive microcontroller based solutions to help people with their everyday tasks.

Project development

First step is to understand, second is to explore posibilities

Together with you we will go through tasks that product should perform, see in which conditions it will operate, chose properties like size, shape, color and much more...

Hallo Kellner !

One of recently develped solution for restaurants

This product is placed on restaurant tables to hold menus. Pressing the button sends radio signal. The android tablet/smartphone then beeps and waiters can see table number that need service e.g. order or pay.

Way to contact us

You can contact us using e-Mail or telephone

We will be happy to come to you in order to directly see application and better understand requirements.
We can also make a meeting in our office to show you possible solutions and materials for your product.

Project development

Typical procedure for project development includes following steps:

  • General description of the problem or task that product should help with
  • Understanding limits and conditions that product will face during normal and abnormal operation
  • Defining important properties such as: product lifetime, size, shape, special functions, color, material ...
  • Discussing deadlines, payment options, quantities, delivery, installation and servicing
  • Commissioning of prototype or final product

Product example "Hallo Kellner !"

Have you ever been waving to the waiter, time and time again, filling like complete idiot, while he is looking everywhere except to you. It hapens to us all. We have finaly decided what to order or we are in harry to pay, and waiter is nowhere to be seen.

This small device helps customers to calm down and feel more relaxed, knowing their needs will be taken care of. It also helps waiters keep track of tables waiting service.


Apart from its primary function to call waiter, the transmitter also serves as menu holder. It can be mounted on table or some other place. 
It is resistant to typical drops, kicks, rain, dust and sun radiation.
Around button is green LED ring that blinks twice after customer push the button. It serves as indication to the customer that his request has been noted. 
Each transmitter has its table number. Waiter can easily change table number using the Tablet. Two transmitters can have same table number if desired.
Standard CR2450 battery will lasts for about 5-10 years with heavy usage. Tablet/smartphone will notify waiter which transmitter needs battery replacement, once it is empty.
Optionally, the waiter can also remove table number from Tablet/smartphone by pushing transmitters button twice.

WiFi Base Station

WiFi Base-station acts as a WiFi hotspot.
It recieves requests from the tables and forwards them to the Tablets.


Android Tablet / smartphone

Tablets or Smartphones are used to show Table numbers that wait to be serviced.
When new number arrives the Tablet will make noticable beep signal and the number will be added to the waiting list.
Table number is removed from the list simply by pushing coresponding button.
Tablet is also used to change table numbers by holding the coresponding button pushed for a second.

Contact informations


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